White NASA Velcro watchband

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While never landing on the moon, white NASA Velcro watchbands were flown on Apollo missions 7 and 8, and used in preparation for Apollo missions 9, 10, 11, and 12. Their component list was the most extensive, involving many "Space-Age" materials that are either no longer available in their original form , or have nowadays become commonplace. To re-create this watchband as accurately as possible, I have used materials with the same look and feel.

Components with shortened dimensions:

Preserving both the characteristic D-ring and elastomer backing involves a design trade-off. Please try avoid wearing the strap too tight, to reduce strap edge uneven stretching inside the D-ring.

Components with identical dimensions:

With smaller wrists, the strap "end-cap" for the fastener hooks will protrude, and might be a concern. This can be solved with the aid of the optional ring to hold it flat against the keeper as shown below.