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Watchbands blasted into space!

A consignment of Kizzi Precision Flightgear white watchbands were flown into space on board Blue Origin’s New Shepard 12 rocket from West Texas, USA.  The spacecraft experienced several minutes of weightlessness in suborbital flight before returning to Earth. The watchbands are souvenirs for investors of Space Cargo Unlimited's Mission WISE micro-gravity biological research aboard the ISS to be flown by Blue Origin's New Glenn launch vehicle. 


Kizzi Precision Flightgear watchbands were chosen by Space Cargo Unlimited in partnership with Ateliers-Victor for their craftsmanship and resonance with the history of space exploration. 

Further information:

Space Cargo Unlimited is a European “New Space” start-up whose mission WISE program is the first privately led applied research program into space biology. Their Complex Micro(μ)-Biological System (CommμBioS) experiments sponsored by NASA will identify new models and technology to tackle the future of agriculture and food by leveraging the effect of micro-gravity on complex biological systems. 

The experiments are planned to be conducted aboard the ISS to be flown by Blue Origin's New Glenn launch vehicle. This launch aboard New Shepard 12 was for testing and validation purposes.


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  • Wow that is really cool! I am super excited to be able to pick up my own Kizzi Precision Flightgear watch strap soon.

    • Ryan Dillard