Short NASA watchband (Apollo/Skylab)

P/N SEB12100030-210

£ 60.00

Made with original vintage loop tape of exactly the same type used on Apollo and Skylab missions, this is the official short NASA watchband shown in design drawing SEB12100030 as "-210" at 11½ ins and (for Apollos 14 & 15 only) "-209" at 9½ ins length

Differences with the Space Shuttle issue NASA watchband sold elsewhere in this store:

● Nylon loop tape sourced from 1970's U.S. Defense Supply Agency stock. Being one of the first types of hook and loop tape, the Olive Drab binding tape is actually essential for providing stitched fabric reinforcement. But as this dates from the Apollo era it's the ultimate in authenticity short of being furnished by NASA Flight Crew Integration Division (FCID). 

Please see discussion on performance of vintage loop tape. 

● Authentic P/N and S/N using a vintage typewriter on brown/green vintage shade Olive Drab #33070

● The 11½ inch strap (S/N 1095) will accommodate wrist sizes from 6 to 8½ inches. The 9½ inch strap (S/N 1094) will accommodate wrist sizes below 7 inches. Width cut between 19 - 20 mm.

●  Correctly sized mil-spec stainless steel loop (from the hardest 300-series alloy available) unique to any other "NASA watchband" sold elsewhere. 

●  It is recommended to "cinch" either spring-bar first as this is more secure than simply cinching your wrist directly. 

More information about compliance with the NASA watchband blueprint SEB12100030 here.