White NASA watchband (beta cloth style)

£ 90.00

This genuine NASA design makes for a stunning bright white watchband that gives the watch an unmistakable space-strap look. It's a rarely seen watchband only produced by NASA during the development stages of the Block II Apollo CSM. Though never flown in space during Apollo, they were the current issue during manned Thermal Vacuum testing (2TV-1).

The relevant configurations of the SEB12100030 blueprint were the 19" and 21½" pairs -203 and -204 made with beta fabric tape, and then for -205 and -206 made from a rectangular beta cloth folded with a single seam.  Five or six 1-inch segments of loop pile were stitched at regular intervals from the hook tape end.

Although the watchbands for sale here aren't made from beta fabric, the alternative fabric was chosen for the same look and feel.

At 11½ inches in length, one size fits wrists from 6" to 7 ½". Its recommended to wear the watch by threading the strap underneath the watch through both springbars. The hook end has a fold that catches on the steel ring should the fastener arrangement open inadvertently.

PLEASE INDICATE IN COMMENTS WHEN ORDERING WHICH LABEL YOU WANT. There may be a short delay of a few days before dispatch, while the label is attached.

Maintain Clean:  It is sufficient to wash under warm running water with hand soap, rinsing well and then drying with paper towels. I recommend washing daily to keep it spotless, and it dries quickly. Can be machine washed (setting:warm). Do not iron. Do not tumble dry.