White NASA watchband (with keepers and D-ring)

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While never landing on the moon, white NASA watchbands were flown on Apollo missions 7 and 8, and used in preparation for Apollo missions 9, 10, 11, and 12. Their component list was the most extensive, involving many "Space-Age" materials that are either no longer available in their original form , or have nowadays become commonplace. To re-create this watchband as accurately as possible, I have used materials with the same look and feel.

First among the materials is the 1 inch wide loop tape, which has the pile made from regular woven loops just like the original specialty Astro-Velcro®. In addition, it is laminated with polyurethane to simulate the originally produced Flourel® elastomer backing.

The color is a warm lunar-white, which photographs show reproduces the metameric effect in NASA archive images, the Astro-Velcro® sometimes looking gray white, sometimes a light bronze.

Special attention has been given to the hook-tape end, to ensure the strap is as supple as possible throughout its entire length. As the photo of Neil Armstrong's watchband shows, the uniqueness of this strap is the contrast achieved against the stiff, bright-white keepers securing the chronograph.  These keepers are made from specially fabricated PTFE laminate similar to the original (though but now discontinued) DuPont Armalon®.

The 316 alloy stainless steel D-ring has been specially formed to:

1. work against the cap end assembly to prevent the strap from slipping completely through if ever the hook and loop fastener inadvertently peels apart.

    2. minimize the ring gap when worn (preserving both the characteristic D-ring and elastomer backing involves a design trade-off. Please try avoid wearing the strap too tight, to reduce strap edge uneven stretching inside the D-ring).



    There is only one size, to fit wrist measurements 6.3 to 7.5 inches (16 - 19 cm). Extending the maximum size is possible by special order, no stock of these are kept. Reducing the minimum size is not possible, unless prepared to overlap the "cap" end with bottom keeper. An oval wire strap-tidy can be supplied on request.