I've owned a Speedmaster for almost 40 years, and always thought it would be cool to have a watchband linked to the Apollo program to go with the watch, but the ones available never looked like flown ones sold at auctions or from the NASA image archive, and that always puzzled me. It wasn't until I chanced across Chuck Maddox's website that hosted the NASA watchband specification SEB12100030 that I realised everyone else had got it wrong and if I wanted one just like the astronauts wore I'd have to be make it myself.

And so began a number of years of acquiring the right materials, necessary skills and reference data to make an authentic NASA watchband - although I always say authentic as in "authentic ethnic cooking" rather than authentic suggesting provenance.

The unique selling point of these watchbands is that they follow the NASA blueprints 100%. In many ways these watchbands confound expectations of the modern consumer, but I believe that, like OMEGA's decision never to replace the Speadmaster's hesalite with new and better crystal,  maintaining an unbroken connection to the past is an important consideration when owning a reminder of the Apollo space missions.