NOV 26TH. Watchband production restarting 2023 with an expanded range of cuff checklists. Please use "Email me when available" green side button for notification of stock


This site provides moonwatch owners with the perfect accessory for their mission chronograph - actual design drawing SEB12100030 watch bands made indistinguishable to those originally fabricated in the 1970s and 80s and flown in Apollo and Shuttle missions. We achieve this un-rivalled accuracy with:

1. Exclusive super-soft Apollo-era vintage hook and loop tape as seen in museums and auction catalogs.

2. Olive Drab shades precisely color-matched to an astronaut's actual mission: either the Apollo-era brownish or greyish hues then available, or a deep military green used on the Space Shuttle.

Also brought back to life are some stunning white watchbands following real NASA designs and an Apollo 13 Lunar Surface Cuff Checklist.

No moonwatch owner should be without these authentically made NASA watchbands - don't be fooled by anything less!